Steam Weeding

Steam weeding is a classic plant removal technique perfected by our ancestors. Using Satusteam technology, we remove unwanted plants to beautify any landscape.

Steam Weeding machine being used
graphic of a plant


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Weeds can detract from beautiful hardscapes and landscapes, but weed control doesn’t have to mean harsh and destructive chemicals.

Our pesticide-free process is safe for use in sensitive environments, like on playgrounds, along waterways, and in flower beds where bees are actively collecting pollen.

In just a few sessions, our targeted steam application dramatically halts weed growth. This technology restores hardscapes to their original beauty, and it clears walkways with ease.

Our team is excited to help you achieve your ideal landscape in harmony with nature. Our starter package includes an onsite evaluation, an initial treatment to provide immediate results, and a follow-up visit to ensure continued success.

A cartoon weed

Get steamy today!

A minimum of 2 visits are necessary for the steam cleaning to be effective, and a homeowner may opt into follow-up steam treatments as needed.

We charge an hourly rate for this service.
$150 flat rate for the first hour, and $100 per hour after that.

It often takes 1-2 hours to do a residence. 

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