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A Spa Treatment For Your Yard

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Compost Tea

Compost tea is a highly-concentrated liquid form of compost that is made by extracting and multiplying beneficial microbes in aerated water.  Conventional products such as chemical pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides end up killing these beneficial microbes, which adversely affects plant and soil health overtime.

Maintaining a healthy soil microbiome makes plants less susceptible to pests and disease. Compost tea boosts the immune systems of plants.

Residential Spray

Every spring, summer, and fall, we come to your property and spray compost tea on your plants and soil.

3 applications a year is highly recommended!

Each application is specially formulated based on the time of year and plant growth cycle, so your plants get what they need when they need it.


We also love to help commercial properties thrive!

Have a farm, campus, or hiking trail that could be even greener? We would love to help.

Contact us directly for any commercial work! We love making a big impact.

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"If we want clean water, we have to get the biology back in our soils. If we want to grow and harvest crops, we have to build soil and fertility with time, not destroy it. The only way to reach these endpoints is to improve the life in the soil."
-Dr. Elaine Ingham, Founder and President for Soil Foodweb Inc.

Steam Weeding

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Weeds can detract from beautiful hardscapes and landscapes, but weed control doesn’t have to mean harsh and destructive chemicals.

Our pesticide-free process is safe for use in the most sensitive environments, like on playgrounds, along waterways, and even in flower beds where bees are actively collecting pollen!

In just a few sessions, our targeted steam application halts weed growth. This technology restores hardscapes to their original beauty, and it clears walkways with ease while maintaining harmony with nature.

Our Mission

Edaphic Solutions mission is to provide the highest quality non synthetic soil and plant care through innovating classic techniques into the modern world. 

Soil is the skin of the earth!

Our Services

We use traditional methods to create lush landscapes, such as our non-synthetic compost tea and weed steaming services.  By choosing techniques that our great-grandmothers used, we keep our landscapes safe & healthy for our families and pets. 

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